Wednesday, November 27

Quickie Bits

(The laptop isn't cooperating so just a fast check in from my phone tonight.....)

I would like to add bobcat to my Christmas list I think. They always look so soft and cuddly!
Matilda was super into the beautiful minerals at the desert museum today. She would have happily spent hours combing through the quarry dump area they had set up, looking for pretty rocks! She also had a total melt down in the gift shop when I told her she could choose one of the polished mineral stones home. She was paralyzed with indecision and broke down in tears, poor thing. Decisions are hard. 
Something gives me the feeling this deer was expected more than a friendly hello from us.
The barn owl greeting us at the main entrance was a fun welcome. 
AZ has cheap gas!! 
Aunt Lori put Porter to work and he was super serious about his job!

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