Monday, November 11

100 Mules

 To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the construction of the Los Angeles aqueduct to bring water to LA, a studio commissioned this mobile art piece entitled "100 Mules Walking the Los Angeles Aqueduct." The final leg of the mules walking was to be a parade through the streets of Burbank today. Due to some sloppy map work, I totally messed up our locations so we missed the mules actually walking by. Thankfully, I knew they were headed to the equestrian center for some festivities so I could soothe the great disappointment of Porter by catching up with the mules there.

Matilda made a point to count the mules. We came up with 98, but it was hard to count accurately so I will give them the benefit of the doubt that they actually had 100!
One mule was outfitted with solar panels to charge their cameras and another with sound recording equipment. 
Not only did they have all the riders come out for introductions, they got all 100 mules inside the dome. They were roped together in teams of 4-7 mules each strung onto a lead riders. It was so impressive to see all the groups circling in formations inside the dome.  Even funnier was when they announced that all 100 mules had arrived in the dome and the crowd broke out cheering and clapping. More than one mule lost their composure with that ruckus.

The mules started walking way north in Owens Valley where the aqueduct brings water from. We love to camp up there so it is a place even more dear to our heart. 

Also to commemorate the 100th anniversary, our beloved local fountain park recently got a new exhibit featuring the pipeline. Porter especially loves to romp in there and is convinced that someday soon he will conqueror it!
Yay for water!

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