Thursday, November 28

New Baby & Holiday Time

We went down to my Grandma Mary's house this morning to visit a bit and pick ripe tangelos from the tree. 
Our timing was perfect, because we arrived just in time for some of her famous cheese snack bread to come out of the oven. The kids were happy to sample a piece (or three) to make sure it was up to standards for the Thanksgiving meal. Even Matilda, the self professed cheese hater, could not resist it.
Once we moved the family party over to cousin Will's house for the formal eating portion of the day, it was all about holding the new baby. Our newest cousin, Charlotte, was passed around like a hot potato!

Matilda was content to stroke her soft hair and cuddle for a long time. She told me that she wants a baby sister, but I said she will have to make do with frequent visits to Adlai's soon to be born sibling. 
Tim facilitated a big game of Monopoly, which is no small feat with two four year olds. The kids had a good time buying up real estate and Matilda got to flex a lot of math muscle playing the banker.
I hope everyone had a nice relaxing holiday with not too much stress over gravy or dishes or Black Friday sales.

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