Tuesday, November 26

San Xavier Mission

I had not been to the Mission in Tucson for many years and decided that today I should take the kids to see it and verify whether the fry bread could hold up to my childhood memory of it. (Spoiler: It did not.) The building itself was beautiful and the kids enjoyed the novelty of it all.
Since Tim is not with us, Matilda has been stepping up to fill his photo-documenting-shoes. Porter is very compliant and insists on just one crazy face picture per "say cheese" face he will pose for.

Porter found the rows and rows of candles really fascinating and wanted to know the name of the saint on every one.

The place was full of beautiful angles and shadows that would be fun to photograph with a bit more time. Porter was exploring at a rapid pace so we glossed over some of the details.
This side chapel was completely filled with lit candles. The small space was so toasty warm and Matilda never wanted to leave! It also smelled really lovely with a warm wax scent; not perfume-y at all, just like the scent of another childhood memory trapped in my mind from Grandma Margie's house
After all the exploring, the fry bread was a major hit with the kids. The strong, cool breeze only made a warm, sweet treat all the more satisfying.
It was delicious, not quite everything my 10 year-old-self had made it out to be, but yummy just the same.

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