Wednesday, November 21

Stinky Goats in the Sky

We tagged along with Tim to work this morning and after dropping him off went to spend the morning at Underwood Farm. Matilda finally got brave enough to feed the animals some of the pellet food. It used to be she would just yell "mama" and insist I do all the feeding, but today about half way through the visit she got the nerve up. The $1 bag of carrots, however, were another story. Not only would she not feed the carrots to anyone, but she wanted to eat them all herself. Each time I would ask if we should offer a carrot to the goat/cow/bunny/horse she would say "me" indicating who should get the carrot. This poor miniature horse was being tormented by Matilda. M really wanted to squat by the pen and watch him, but each time the horse would spot the carrot and come running over for a treat. Which led Matilda to freak out that the horse was chasing her and send her scrambling for me. At the LA Zoo petting area M gets to brush goats, so all morning she was talking about brushing a goat. Normally the goats are enjoying their skywalk and there is no petting area so I was concerned about M's expectations. Luckily we got the chance when one of the staff was taking a goat and her 3 week old kid out for a walk on dog leashes. Matilda was intrigued by the strange sight and gave the baby a nice rub down. It wasn't until we met Tim for lunch later that I realized just how much Matilda's hair smelled of goat after our morning adventure. Lucky for our fellow diners.

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