Saturday, November 17

Current Events

A list of current Matilda quirks that I don't want to forget:

- She says "ist" instead of sit, a strange little dyslexic form of the word. She says it every time just before she sits down, and makes a point to comment on anyone else sitting as well.

- She is a toasting fanatic. This has been going on for a few weeks but has really intensified recently. Yesterday at music class M was chasing down another little girl, water bottle held high over her head, yelling "cheers, cheers" before she would take a sip. The other girl seemed mystified by this behavior, although her mother was quite amused upon explanation.

- She talks all day long now. Her daddy got the award for boy with 10,000 questions in 2nd grade. It seems we are headed down that path. I can only understand her maybe 60% of the time but sometimes that seems irrelevant and she just chatters on and on. However, sometimes she will repeat a word over and over with increasing volume until you acknowledge whatever epiphany she has had.

- Her hair is getting really shaggy in front of her eyes but she will wear a barrette only for daddy. The second I am back on the scene it gets ripped out.

- She says "bye bye" to signify when she is finished with something or wants it to go away. Bye bye vacuum. Bye bye unwanted pretzel. Bye bye left boob (hello right boob). Bye bye Kleenex. Yesterday afternoon she declared "bye bye" to her overalls. And here I thought it wouldn't be until the teen years that she spontaneously changed outfits mid-day.

- Airplanes, helicopters, trains and sometimes big trucks are all called "choo-choo." Every airplane we spot in the sky has Grammy on it. Gaurav is riding every train.

- Condiments are a major issue. So big of an issue that they deserve a post all their own.

- Since before Halloween, Little Ghost by the White Stripes has been her favorite song. We have listened to it at least four times daily. Once through is never enough. The record is about 7 times straight. She doesn't like the part towards the end where the song slows down and always pleads with us, "please, please" until it starts rocking again and she can return to her knee slapping jig.

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