Friday, November 23

Matilda's Room

So I think I finally understand the beauty of having your kid sleep in their own room. I honesty mostly enjoyed the co-sleeping for the past 1.5+ years, but reclaiming our bed is amazing! Tim & I can lay around and read or talk without any big heaving sighs from our roommate. We have a little sanctuary in our bedroom free of baby junk. Last night Matilda slept through the entire night from 9:45 until 6:45 - an unheard of feat for her. All so wonderful. Although with the way our neighbors are going tonight I can't see a repeat as it looks to be another karaoke-party-til-3am type night up there.

Almost better than the improved sleeping situation is that Matilda loves her room. This afternoon we all had the best time just hanging out in there playing with the play dough (demonstrating fine knife skills). When we came home from dinner out this evening she ran right into her room. After Tim and I got our shoes and coats off and set down all the grocery bags we found her sitting at her little table in the dark, playing away.

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