Monday, November 5

Fabric Disorder

One trait that I can blame directly on my mom's family is an interest in sewing. Specifically fabric. I like to think of it as a fabric disorder. My mom's youngest sister (the only of four to escape this affliction) claims that the others just glaze over in a fabric store. I, too, get into a fabric store and cannot seem to function. My mind races with the possibilities and I become almost paralyzed with indecision. During this whole bedroom re-do for Matilda I have already bought two possible fabrics for the curtains, both of which I now don't feel are quite right. Every morning I think maybe today we should go back to the fabric shop for another try.
Matilda seems to be showing signs of an interest in sewing as well. She is fascinated with the sewing machine and will sit quietly on my lap while I sew, without even reaching her fingers into the danger zone. While making curtains last week she was obsessed with the pins so I finally gave in and let her touch them. Under careful supervision she took all the pins out of both curtains, pushing each one carefully back into the cushion saying "pooosh."

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Heather Pilz said...

ah yes, that is my favorite toy store, and a place Karl would rather avoid at all costs. What's not to love at the fabric store? My other favorite place is the craft store! I love it when they are close to one another!

The girls love picking out fabric for me to make pj's or doll clothes with. The also love the sewing machine. Specifically they like sticking pins in the holes on my machine. The usually survive, but sometimes get bent.