Thursday, November 1

Halloween Recovery Day

Today we are taking it slow recovering from yesterday when we had a busy day filled with sandy jack o' lanterns, trick or treating (Matilda and Grammy) and too much candy (me).

A Halloween first for all of us: a picnic lunch at the beach. A shot of our uncertain chicken leaving her first trick or treating house, candy-less.
Also, I have officially entered NaBloPoMo and will be posting EVERY day this month. I will try to find something other than driveling on about Matilda. Tim is always encouraging me to actually post nutrition related things, but the dietetic portion of my brain is impaired of late. I am very open to suggestion.

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Heather Pilz said...

I like the blog posting idea. I popped over to your site to see your halloween stuff and read the rest of the page to catch up on what I missed lately with you guys. I am going to give it a whirl myself :)

I love the chicken costume on Matilda and congratulations on the scouting. That sounds like it could be fun if a little bizzarre.