Monday, November 12

No Mention of the Sardines?

Any gathering with my mom's family would not be complete without at least some browsing through cookbooks. While my aunt & uncle were in town this weekend we complied by looking through a few old cookbooks in my collection. Cedric Adams Sandwich Book from 1942 provided many gems. Thank goodness my generation didn't have to endure growing up on sandwiches composed of ketchup mixed with ingredients X, Y and Z. In all our browsing we did find one sure fire crowd pleaser: the French Popcorn Sandwich. French? Popcorn? It is all so perplexing.

French Popcorn Sandwich
Pass two cupfuls freshly popped corn through the meat chopper, place this in the chopping bowl, add a dash of salt and cayenne pepper, five boned sardines, a dash of Worcestershire, and enough tomato catsup to form a paste. Spread this on circles of hot buttered toast. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and crisp in hot oven. Serve as soon as made.

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