Sunday, November 18

Reporting From OUR Bedroom

So we finally got the computer moved into our bedroom, a sign that we have almost fully converted the former office/guest room into Matilda's room. We just put her to bed for the first time in her own bed. It's possible that cute animal sheets aren't the best idea. In fact, I think a blank white room free of stimuli might be the best bet. She has been sleeping on her own (usually half the night, rarely most of the night) in our bed for a while* now so that wasn't the part I was really concerned about. It was the getting to sleep in a new room, which proved to be quite the task. It took 90 minutes: time filled with stories, drinks of water, songs, nursing, diaper changes, and rinse, repeat. The icing on the cake was a Goodnight Moon nightlight we dug up today to put in there. Matilda was so excited about it, she just stood there saying "More, more!" until we would turn the light off again for maximum nightlight appreciation.

She finally gave in to the exhaustion and we are now lounging in our reclaimed bedroom. The first order of business tomorrow will be turning her bed so it isn't adjactent to the neighbors wall as she was already kicking the wall in her sleep when I snuck out of the room. We were laughing earlier today wondering about whether the poor neighbors on that side were ready for this change.

*Where were we sleeping you might ask? It varied from night to night. You could usually find one of us on the floor and the other on the couch or guest room.

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