Monday, November 19

I Put Ketchup on my Ketchup

As referenced in my previous post, Matilda has a deep love for condiments. If there is salt, pepper, salad dressing, butter, or any other form of condiment on the table it can bring a meal to a halt. There will be an endless stream of demands for more, regardless of how saturated her food already is.

As we prepare her plate we give her a little pool of dip. (We use "dip" as our catch-all word for sauces and dressings.) Sometimes M will actually dip food and take bites, but usually she just licks her fingers frantically. Once the pool is thinned even slightly the panicked chant of "dip, dip, dip" begins. We have taken to sneaking our plates back into the kitchen for seasonings or dressing to avoid stirring up trouble. Too bad she is already catching onto us. Matilda twisted around and caught Tim red-handed with the salad dressing last night!

M has developed this whole routine of adding seasonings onto herself when we pretend to nibble on her feet or hands. After the initial nibble she'll look up and suggest, "Salt?" We comply: shake shake. "Pepper?" Excellent idea! grind grind. "Cheese?" Of Course! grate grate. "Dip?" Sure! dip dip. It is quite the shtick she has going and entertains us every time. Although we admittedly aren't the most objective judges.

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