Tuesday, November 13

One Car Family

We are officially a one car family now. Well, in spirit anyways. Our 20 year old car, Homer, is currently sitting in the garage facing retirement as we decided today not to fix his latest problem. He is still registered, insured and running, albeit very unreliably, but I am done with driving him around and wondering if he'll start to come home. So, we will see him off to his next adventure and start searching for a new car to join the family. What a terrible process. Well, for me anyways. I am sure there are people out there who enjoy car hunting and the prospect of a new car. I just can't imagine that point of view at all. And I didn't figure car into the holiday budget.

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Heather Pilz said...

Karl loves car hunting. If you want help let me know. It gives me the willies myself so I feel your pain. Sorry to hear about Homer! That is very sad. Our last car like that knew who was driving and only died on me.