Friday, November 9

Soup Season

The weather around here has finally cooled off and it feels like soup season. This week alone we have had made pumpkin soup AND cheesy cauliflower soup. We also still have some leeks waiting to be turned into my favorite: potato leek. Matilda is getting really dexterous with a spoon and so we have been letting her go it alone on the soup, with hilarious, photograph-worthy results. She's seen here enjoying some tomato roasted red pepper soup from Trader Joe's.

The cauliflower soup recipe we made was really easy. It also tasted way richer and creamier than I would have expected. Matilda gave it her seal of approval: a steady hum of yum, yum, yum as she shoveled it in. Try it for yourself.

Cheesy Cauliflower Soup
Adapted from here.

Saute 1 c chopped onions in a couple glugs of olive oil until soft. Add 3 c chicken broth and bring to boil. Add 16-20 ounces cauliflowerets (I used the bagged ones to make it super fast) and return to boiling. Lower heat and simmer 5 minutes until tender.

Whisk together 1/4 c flour with 1 c chicken broth. Add this into the soup, bring to boiling and cook 2-3 minutes more until thickened, stirring occasionally.

Remove soup from heat and add 1-2c shredded pepper jack cheese, a handful of roasted red peppers. Season with salt, pepper and hot sauce to taste.

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