Monday, November 26

The Power of Marketing

On occasion (less than once a week) we offer Matilda a "treat" after a meal. Pudding, part of a cookie, gelato, something sweet, whatever we are having. She loves ice cream type stuff and cookies but is not a fan of pie or cake. We let our daughter have sugar sometimes. Don't tell the other dietitians. Tonight as we were wrapping up around the dinner table Matilda was yelling something at us from the highchair. We didn't understand what she was saying, but thought she was gesturing towards the crayons (earlier in the meal she had requested to draw). Then suddenly it dawned on me that she was actually motioning toward the kitchen and yelling, "Treat!" Demanding dessert? (sigh) I wasn't expecting this at a year-and-a-half.

So I did what any good dietitian would do and she had frozen corn for dessert. She loves frozen corn (completely un-thawed) and rarely gets to eat it. I also offered her up a coveted penguin toy to share her treat with. It work out to be quite the win-win situation. She was so pleased to sit at her little craft table and feed kernels to the penguin. I was smug with the fast one I pulled.

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Anonymous said...

How clever...Caleb whines for anything I have, so I give him bites of cupcakes/brownie sundaes/anything sweet I'm eating. I'll try corn and a toy next time.