Sunday, November 4

Muddy Buddy

We had a super-fun, muddy morning participating in the Muddy Buddy race. It is a 6 mile "unique trail running and mountain biking adventure race" that ends with a belly crawl through the mud pit. Here you can see me and my muddy buddy, Adam, standing around, getting all nervous, waiting for the race to start. The course was super hilly which is fine for running, but was terrifying for me on the downhills with my rusty biking skills. The third obstacle, a balance beam, was also particularly cruel with jello legs after 4 steep miles. Below you can see me (in the yellow) emerging from the mud pit, triumphant that I managed to finish the race without crashing. At the finish line! Yes, Adam's mouth is FULL OF MUD. He was rather enthusiastic in his approach to the mud pit: belly flopping in and rolling over to do the backstroke.

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