Saturday, November 11

The Thrill is Gone

Matilda and B.O.B. are not seeing eye-to-eye these days. I have posted before about our awesome jogging stroller, Bob. For months we were having a grand old time with him. However, these past few weeks Matilda will not tolerate sitting in Bob and yells in protest until I take her out. This situation has severely curtailed my running routine. It is especially hard to carry her when wearing slick running clothes - her wiggly little self slides right down my hip. I am sure this is just a phase and suspect it has to do with her mad crawling skills. She is not content to just sit and ride but needs to GO-GO-GO! This morning I was hopeful as we started out and she sat fiddling with the toys on her lap contentedly. Then about 1.5 miles from home the protests started, so we left RD Papa to continue his run accompanied by the iPod and walked ourselves back home, pushing poor dejected Bob. We will keep trying, but for now it seems Bob will spend a lot more time keeping the vacuum cleaner company than me.

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