Monday, November 13

15 items or less

Every Monday CityMama posts her weekly menus, which always looks fantastic. I am usually trying to be so organized but rarely pull it off. Last week I think we went to the grocery store four times. In your standard seven-day week that is a lot of trips to the store. Many of the cashiers are now on a first name basis with Matilda. While I can't promise fewer trips to the store (I am already planning one for later today), I did manage to sketch out our meals for the week. Early in the week is always pretty structured but the end of the week gets a little spotty generally.

  • Monday - Baby Squash and Their Stuffed Blossoms with Fresh Tomato Puree (inspired by my new vegetable reference book), Baked Fennel and Mozzarella from The Silver Spoon.
  • Tuesday - Eggplant and Ricotta Lasagne, also from The Silver Spoon, green salad
  • Wednesday - Pumpkin Soup with Honey and Cloves, Roasted Spiced Beets with Beet Greens, and sauteed asparagus.
  • Thursday - Taco Salad
  • Friday night - leftovers or dinner out
  • Saturday - usually dinner out
  • Sunday - whatever strikes our fancy at farmers market that morning

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