Wednesday, November 15

Venom and Trashy TV

NaBloPoMo Day 15: I am half way there and haven't yet reached the bottom of the barrel for topics to post on. Although I am getting there - stay tuned for upcoming posts on my ever-increasing number of moles or pathetic obsession with America's Next Top Model.

Today Matilda learned a lesson in insect biology and defense mechanisms when she got stung by a bee on the playground. She was sitting knee to knee with another little girl and they were both busy trying to pull each other's hair and poke eyeballs when Matilda stopped to reach down into her lap. I didn't see the bee until after she started crying, it was lying on her lap. At first I couldn't tell where she was stung but then saw the squished bee guts in her hand and found the stinger still in her thumb. It looked like she really did a number on the poor guy and he wasn't going to be bothering anybody else today. She is getting very dexterous with her pudgy fingers and always surprises us with the little items she notices and picks up. I really do need to get more vigilant I suppose. Next she'll be picking up all the razor blades and pills in the sand box.

She took the sting really well and only cried for a few minutes before returning to crawling around and picking up leaf bits. We were headed to Costco after the park to buy mass quantities of bulky things so I justified buying myself a yummy frozen fruit smoothie thing with the purpose of icing the poor girl's finger. No obvious reaction to the sting, although she has a fatter than normal little thumb.

Note: If my last post still has no video displayed it is just because You Tube is down for the moment - check back later.

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