Monday, June 12

Bob, The Other Man

I have to admit that I am falling madly in love with my new running partner, B.O.B. This is not to say anything negative about my previous running partners. Sarah and Tim and all the others I have had over the years have been wonderful. In fact, they could all keep their end of the conversation up way better than Bob. However, aside from this small fault, Bob is wonderful. Bob is my new crush and he has so many nice qualities. Bob calms Matilda effortlessly and lets her nap while we jog.
Bob has a nice view for me while we jog.
Bob has fancy shocks for a smooth ride. And Bob is a Sport Utility Something so I feel like I can keep up with the other mothers and their snazzy SU Somethings at Mommie and Me.

I am in love with Bob. Don't tell Tim.

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Adam said...

I am SO telling Tim!