Monday, May 16

Weekend Snapshots

In our new home search we are hoping for the ability to get pets. Tim and the kids found a cute contender at market!
Adlai came for dinner Saturday and the kids had a ball playing trains and bubbles and basketball.
Sweet smiles for Daddy as he tells her jokes. Matilda is big into jokes these days.
Porter got some practice time in at the park for his mad dribbling skills.

Last night we had good friends over with their cute little bundle. After a few minutes Matilda asked to hold her and was SO happy to get to snuggle the baby.
Making play dough cakes today we were discussing whose birthdays are coming up next. Uncle Brian, Matilda wanted me to mail you the "smoked salmon cake" that you can see in the foreground here. I told her a picture would be just as good. Which reminds me that I wanted to share Porter's cake idea; before Tim's birthday I was asking the kids what kind of treat we should make and Porter exclaimed "Meatball Cake!!" I think they call that meatloaf.

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