Saturday, May 28

Staycation: Day 1

In a totally rare move, we decided to just stay home for this holiday weekend. Not that we didn't really want to take a trip, we just couldn't quite get organized to plan anything once Tim got last minute notice that he would be off for Monday.
To kick the fun off we went to Underwood Farms this morning for a birthday party and some berry picking.
Porter is not very helpful if you are trying to fill a container. If your goal is to eat your weight in berries, well then he's your man.
Sometimes you gotta blow raspberries when you are picking raspberries.
Porter wanted nothing to do with pony rides, but the tractor, wagon and train rides were all well accepted. A menacing emu tries to convince us to dole out some of our feed.To cap the day off we took our fresh raspberries (and some wine, cheese, salami, etc.) up the hill to our park and watched as the sun went down. It was all perfect except for the fact that there is no bathroom up there and Porter is not yet convinced that peeing in the grass is o.k. City boy!

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