Tuesday, May 10

Annual Check Up: 5

Matilda & Porter both had check ups last Friday with the normal report of healthy-all-around/growing-fine. The 5 year-old check up was interesting in that it involved a few more exams than previous ones including an eye exam, hearing check, blood pressure reading and even a urinalysis. Matilda was so excited about the prospect of peeing in a cup that she momentarily forgot to be freaked out about her impending vaccines.
She passed the eye exam just fine, which was a relief to Tim and I as we assume she'll end up with glasses at some point. While the nurse was taking her blood pressure Matilda was looking down at the cuff funny, prompting the nurse to remark how "It does feel a bit strange, right?" Matilda responded, "It feels like when that big snake wrapped itself around my arm." The nurse looked over to Tim and then back at Matilda, asking "Did that really happen?" Tim quickly provided the backstory on Matilda's birthday party attempting to assuage the nurses concerns a bit and prevent any DCFS reports. The nurses then assured Matilda of her great bravery.

For the record here are the stats:
Matilda is 43" (75th percentile) and 42.4lb (50th percentile), almost a perfect square. I can't believe she's finally broken the 40lb mark. Her blood pressure was 90/54 and I have no idea how that compares to anything. Matilda was a mess for her shots this time, although afterwards she was really proud of her TB test bump and has nursed her injection sites with daily bandaid applications for 5 days now. I don't think we really find out about the urinalysis results unless there was something exciting in there so I am assuming they just found some pee.
Porter is 35.5" (80th percentile) and 32lb (90th percentile) -roughly the size Matilda was at age 3. He is at 100th percentile for cuteness I think, but that may be a subjective measurement.

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