Friday, May 13

The Gentle Barn

Matilda's class went on a field trip to The Gentle Barn this week where they all got the opportunity for lots of interaction with the sweet animals there. I have a boatload of pictures to share; I found them all too funny to pare down any more. While everyone gathered upon arrival and waited for tour there was a big old tractor to clamber on. Porter waited rather patiently for his turn!
The entire enourmous class group was let into this cow enclosure first and amazingly, the cows were totally fine with it. Sure, brush my butt - I don't care.Porter cringes as he gets a big sloppy sniff.Just a few carrots for the horses.
Matilda was hesitant at first but then got really into feeding them. The horses were so careful taking the carrots that even the littlest kids got a turn offering carrots.
This chicken carefully considers her offer to join the girl group at preschool.
Matilda holds petting the turkey as her favorite part. Even though this turkey did eventually peck her when it was tired of the attention.
This photo was right before Porter chucked that ball at the turkey. Surprisingly she was not interested in a game of catch. I eventually hid the ball in the fenced tree enclosure so that Porter would stop trying to "play" with the farm animals.
Porter got to lay on 1,000 pounds of pig and she didn't even stir from her nap.
These cows also were not a bit phased by the chaos around them.

We hung around for a picnic (vegetarian foods allowed only, the farm had LOTS of rules) afterwards and got another shot at the tractor with less folks clambering on.All in all a very fun afternoon.

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