Saturday, May 14

Annual Preschool Spring Party

Instead of the normal potluck-in-the-park deal, this year one of the families offered up their big backyard and we all rented an enormous bouncer house/slide thing. Originally they had planned to rent a waterslide bouncer, but the cool forecast had them change plans. Matilda was intent on doing cannonballs in the water bouncer thing, so instead she just would scream "Splash Cannonball!!" before doing a standing leap halfway down the slide each time. Since there was no water, it seems irrelevant to point out that the cannonball should come before the splash.
Porter enjoyed the bouncer and slide a lot too, but also found great delight in getting completely saturated in glitter at the craft table.
He also spent a lot of time in the soccer corner! The entire drive home from the party he cried, "Go more fun party. Go more that fun party."
For the grown ups there was a gourmet spread of food and wine as well as plenty of policing to do. As we left one of Matilda's buddies gave her a big hug and said, "We have to go now but I love you so much and I'll see you soon at school." I almost started crying right there -so sweet to see. We paid for all the fun as both children went down in a ball of flames at bedtime due to their over-tired state. Hopefully that means they will all sleep in a little later than their 6:15 wake-up of late.

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