Monday, May 30

Staycation: Day 3

For our final day of long-weekend-fun we went for a double-museum header visiting the Butterfly Pavilion at the Natural History Museum and then the Science Center. The butterflies exceeded our expectations, except for poor Matilda who was devastated that one never landed on her. (Porter did not touch this butterfly. The docents were very rigorously patrolling with their "no touching" message.)
Next up, a 3D Imax showing of Born to be Wild, a film documenting orphaned orangutans and elephants and the extraordinary people who raise them. The film had Tim and I in tears and every turn, was perfect for our animal loving kids, and even showed a big herd of baby elephants playing soccer with their keepers. I think our whole family was ready to head to Kenya right then.Next we took Tim for his first spin around the great ecosystems exhibit in the Science Center. It was not really as crowded as we expected for the holiday and Tim was happy to finally see visit the exhibit we have all enjoyed.The kids could not get enough of interacting with these divers.

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