Tuesday, May 31

Cake = Caca

Matilda is getting better about writing things on her own lately. For a long time she would make me spell everything for her, but these days she is getting bolder about trying to sort it out on her own. It results in awesome spelling, but makes me glad to see her trying without being so paralyzed with the fear of doing it wrong.

Here is a grocery list she wrote for me:
  • taffu
  • brakoly
  • chacolat caca
  • watrmaln
Looks like she's planning for her favorite tofu broccoli stir fry paired with watermelon for dinner which sounds good. I am a bit concerned, however, for the dessert plans.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! Keep track of all these cool spellings!! By the way: the other day, a student of mine ended her email like this: "Kind retards, Jasmin" LOL :-) Frusl