Thursday, May 5

Cinco de Timo

We celebrated our final spring birthday of the family as Tim got 1 year older today. After several weeks of birthday fun, the kids now have the drill down and Porter was all over Tim's case to quickly tear through the present opening phase of the day. Porter got his mama's impatient present genes, not Tim's slow-savor-the-moment ones. Matilda decided she wanted to take pictures of Tim opening his present from her, some old Superman radio shows.
Yesterday both kids assisted as we made some whiskey-honey ice cream for Tim's big birthday dessert. The process involves flaming the whiskey, which had both of them very concerned with the huge flames leaping out of the pot. Afterwards Matilda told me, "Even when I am a grown-up, I NEVER want to do that! I was too scared." Porter chimed in with, "scared too!" Afterwards he recovered just fine and was soon dipping a toy dinosaur in the ice cream custard before we froze it claiming that the dino would eat it all!
We were planning to meet up with Tim for a picnic lunch, but his company brought in a taco truck and kegs of cerveza to mark the other holiday today. Instead, we all went out for some of our favorite pizza tonight with Stella and co.
Porter was very content at the end with a belly full of pizza. The beginning of the meal was another story though, as before we even ordered he was yelling, "Mommy, our food?" Thankfully the service is quick and soon enough the hungry boy was satiated. Happy day, Tim.

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Max's and Paul's Dad said...

Better late than never. Happy Birthday, Tim! Wishing you plenty of luck, laughter and health.