Sunday, May 8

Mama's Day Train Day-Trip

Our train travel to and from Santa Barbara today all went smoothly and the kids (and adults) had a blast. We had bought seats for all the kids but they preferred to be all crammed together in one corner coloring or snacking or just watching the sights. I cannot recommend train travel enough for kids.We had a near-perfect day today, marred only by a coffee mis-hap mid-morning. Somehow I managed to poke Matilda in the forehead with my iced coffee straw, with dramatic results as she cried from the scratch and Porter sobbed at the spilled coffee all over the sidewalk. Thankfully we were all able to recover and have lots more fun.
We had lunch by the harbor with a fantastic view. Matilda ate so many oysters that we had to order another round of them. Highlights for me were the calamari and my super spicy Bloody Mary.
This girl is getting really good at cartwheels!
Sarah and Gaurav had the forethought to bring along a kite, which provided great entertainment for a bit by the beach.
I think Tim's left with even more train-travel-itch after checking out the sleeper car suites!

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