Tuesday, May 3

Random Bits

  • Porter's party was awesome and small and just right. Adam has good pictures up as usual. More to come here, maybe soon?
  • Tonight when it was time to tackle Porter and re-apply the diaper post bath he was very emphatically protesting. We acquiesced that he could stay naked if he agreed to use the potty or ask for a diaper when needed. He immediately ran off to the bathroom and told us he would sit on the toilet. In the blog as baby book category: Porter did #1 AND #2. There was much hip-hip-hurraying.
  • Yesterday Matilda's school friend Sarah was over to play and discovered Matilda's boy Polly Pocket in a princess dress. This was the dialogue that followed:
S - Whoa, That is a boy!?
M - No, it's not.

S - Yes it is.

M - No, it's not.

S - Yes it is.

M - No, it's not, you can tell because he does not have a mustache.

S - But you can tell because he does not have any boobs.

M - What!? Yes he does.

S- No, let me tell you about boobs. (Holding up another big-boobed polly pocket) These big parts here in the dress are boobs. Anyways, I don't want to talk about this anymore.

My favorite part is the Let-me-tell-you-about-boobs line. So Awesome.

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