Monday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

Hummingbird in profile. 
CHOMP goes the caterpillar.
Blurry wing action.

 Posing in all their adorableness. Look at that boy's face: trouble.  
 Just two critters conferring in the garden.
Matilda and Porter both very specifically chose their costumes, an orange caterpillar and an Anna's Hummingbird. As always, Tim & I had a really fun time making them a reality and we are all quite pleased with the results. 

Happy Halloween 2011!


aprilk said...

WOW! What terrific, inventive costumes! The kids look absolutely adorable, and they will be the only caterpillar/hummingbird duo in LA, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! Happy belated Halloween!! We love your costumes.. N is totally interested in Porter's helmet! :-)