Thursday, October 13

Emergency Preparedness: Student Food Supply

Matilda got a letter home from school today instructing us to bring in a ziplock bag full of the following items:

2 fruit or pudding cups
2 granola or breakfast bars
4 cans tuna/spam/sausages
4 packets of crackers
4 fruit roll ups or bags of dried fruit
2 lollipops
2 plastic spoons
1 photography of family with note AND/OR contact information

The letter also reminds us that while we should fill the bag from items from the list, you must also make sure that you select items that your child will actually eat.

I find the whole thing a bit hilarious (of course glossing over any actually thoughts of a major disaster that would require use of this bag). Spam and lollipops were not previously on my disaster preparedness list. While I know that we have already given them emergency contact information, it still seems strange to have that listed as an optional inclusion.

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