Thursday, October 20

Of Note Today

Here are the things of note that happened today, other than the afore-mentionned big birthday. 

Porter serenaded me as I drank tea and nursed my head cold.
 Matilda tied her shoes (cleats actually). She's needed to learn for a bit now and was finally starting to ask us to teach her instead of refusing to attempt. I think she was feeling the heat since the teachers at school don't permit kids to wear shoes with laces if they can't tie them. Today was the first time in a while I remembered to try with her before we were running late and already rushing to get out the door. She did it great on her first try.
Matilda brought home her first quiz from school. Or at least the first one that we have been informed about. I was actually in her classroom when she took it for my first "parent volunteer" shift. I cannot get over my shock about how fast these kids are being pushed.

With all the soccer and family tree business, I failed to make proper plans for the pinewood derby workshop we are going to tomorrow so our efforts with the band saw will be very improvised I think.

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