Saturday, October 29

Elementary School Fall Festival

The big fall event at school today proved to be lots of fun with costume contests, yummy food, car racing and even glittery-paint craft tables (staffed by yours truly). I dressed as a witch with our purple dress up wig and it was more fun than I expected. So many kids were freaked out as I talked to them, wondering who the hell I was and how did I know their name. My personal favorite was poor nervous Stella who Did-Not-Trust the Stranger-In-Purple-Hair despite all reassurances. 
The best in show cars were quite impressive. That fifth one in there that looks like it has a fish bowl.....does. Live goldfish swimming around. So cool! I am hoping they didn't race it. The unicorn in the foreground is the work of Matilda's pal M's family - so talented and awesome.
All of us had lots of fun. Can you see the snowcone pouring onto Porter's chest? That spells a good time!

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