Sunday, October 23


Porter was 2.5 yesterday. He's still denying it, sticking to just two. Fractions are hard and I can understand his reluctance to keep too close track on the aging process. At his check up this week he was still 90th percentile for everything, 38" tall (up 2.5" in 6 months), and 33.8 pounds (up 1.8 pounds). You might be interested in his stats, but really I just need to record it here because soon I'll lose the post it where I scribbled the measurements and his growth chart is locked up in a filing cabinet that I haven't accessed since moving. Someday soon I will find that key.

Here are some things Porter liked this week-of-turning-two-and-a-half. Tether ball:
He discovered this sport while we hung out on the school yard one day. I think I will not have any trouble finding him the next time he disappears at school. I am confident he'll bee-line back to the tether ball at his first opportunity. 

Climbing: trees, couches, sisters, pretty much anything works. 
Pony rides. We joined Adlai to celebrate his birthday and fun was had by all.
 Except maybe the ponies, they seemed a little tired out today; it is a good thing they get Mondays off.

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