Thursday, October 6

Porter-centric Fun

Some pics of our adventures this week. Over lunch today he told me how fun is was "visiting this baby steam roller."

We also indulged in a super slow pony ride. Aside from the astoundingly slow pace, this pony had to stop completely for a big pee mid-ride. Porter was spell-bound.
After early-release on Tuesday (a fun new weekly occurrence to allow for teacher staff meetings) we went straight to the zoo. It was a perfect way to burn some energy and head off the post school grumps (OH MAN what a grump she is some day, possibly a side effect of being ordered around all day).
We got some good rain this week and new rain coats for both kids so we could go on fun rain walks.
With wrangling two kids, it has been forever since I took the train downtown to meet Sarah for lunch. Porter was quite thrilled with a train adventure, equally enjoying the subway ride there and watching the Amtrak trains.

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