Saturday, October 29

Mixed Up!

Somehow these pictures loaded in mixed up order from actual chronological time of our Friday. I am too lazy to switch them so here you go.

We went back to the old apartment building to celebrate Ella's 2nd birthday with dinner and cake. Matilda was insistent that everything looked "So different!" Even the bushes in the front yard. Porter was quite pleased with the cake, Matilda enjoyed the Wii dancing game Ella got for her birthday.
 8:20 a.m. Halloween parade at elementary school = utter chaos and thorough entertainment. I have a zillion pictures of Matilda gleefully dancing around with school buddies but I am fairly certain I am not supposed to post them publicly. She totally enjoyed it.
 Post parade, Stella joined us back home for lots of fun.
I think this is what bershon looks like.
 Static head.
 After school, driving to Disneyland and then San Diego, per Matilda and Porter's agenda. 

 These two are so cute together. 

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