Wednesday, October 26

Day by Day

Today Porter decided Ian the bulldog should get dressed instead of him. In the end, we settled on matching outfits for Ian and Porter, instead of a naked boy at the park. 
Porter was overjoyed to discover they were resurfacing the parking lot adjacent to our playground of choice today (this one is known as Daddy's playground, because it is next door to his office.) We stayed long enough for a little play, a quick visit with Tim and some lung damaging close supervision of the work. I dragged him away long before he was ready to go, with apparent disregard for noxious fumes.
In the mail today we got our enormous Halloween package from Grammy. Halloween shirts, new jammies, socks, pencils, tea, snacks, and of course boatloads of candy. Very exciting!
 Also, Tarte Tatin. Big one for Jo and little one for us. They also look very pretty once they are flipped out with all the apples arranged and drenched in caramel, but I love the crusty tops (bottoms) best. So yummy and caramel-y.
Also, Adam has some really nice pics of our kid crew up from Adlai's birthday if you like that sort of thing. You know you want to see on over.

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