Wednesday, November 2

Halloween Night

We skipped the busy old neighborhood where we have always taken the kids before. Instead this year we stuck to our new block, splitting the time between trick or treating and handing out candy. Our porch had many pumpkins from the annual pumpkin autopsy party. Here is Matilda's pumpkin, completed on her own for the second year. I particularly love it with the crazy eyes she choose.
Here the kids are gathered in the window watching for trick or treaters to start showing up as it gets dark. The anticipation was really getting them super amped up as you can imagine!
 It proved to be fairly impossible to get a good shot of the hummingbird, caterpillar and Gruffalo with all the excitement in the air, but rest assured that they were adorable. 
 Sarah and Gaurav did an amazing job with their homemade Gruffalo costume, even down to the purple prickles on her back and "poisonous" green wart on the nose.
 They get into the swing of it at our first house out.  

Porter yelling about something, possibly candy.
After just a few blocks, our crew was all happy to come home and hand out candy. 
Porter and Matilda both really liked seeing all the trick or treaters coming up. Except for one particular penguin. A grown man in a big penguin costume came marching up the front yard with his beak really obscuring his face. Porter took one look at him approaching and screamed bloody murder. The poor penguin quickly looked up to tilt the beak back and show his face, causing Porter to calm down fairly quickly. I feel a little awful saying that it might have been the highlight of my evening. Poor Porter has the best terrified scream ever. Every time he does it (which seems to be with some regularity), I am torn between cracking up myself and rushing to try and console him. The irony is that the really scary costumes never phased him. He got especially excited for the many Scream mask characters calling them the "open mouth guys." 

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