Wednesday, March 16

The Squalb and his Easter Bunny friend

Today while shopping Matilda suddenly asked me, "Is the Easter Bunny real?" I was a bit unprepared for this particular question and so I just kind of said, "I'm not sure. Who could we ask that might know?" She immediately suggested Bunny Rabbit at school might know. Then after a moment she said, "I will ask the Squalb. HE will know. The Squalb is nocturnal so he stays up at night and can tell the Easter Bunny what you want. Like he'll tell the Easter Bunny that I want blue Peeps!"

The best part about this rationale is that the Squalb is yet another fictional character living in her imagination, which I suppose makes sense then they would know each other. The Squalb is a Medeski, Martin & Wood song that Matilda has been obsessed with lately. Every car ride has us listening to the Squalb song/story at least twice.

Below is a video someone made with their kids that features the Squalb story so you can enjoy it too. I haven't shown it to Matilda yet just because I want to get her to draw me what she thinks a squalb looks like before she sees anyone else's drawing.

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G-pop said...

Can G-pops get a Squalb too?