Tuesday, March 8

Let's Get this Party Started!

After much hemming and hawing, Tim & I finally settled on one idea for Matilda's (rapidly approaching) 5th birthday party: Princess Dragon party! Matilda wants a princess party (one of her many suggestions), so we are putting out an open call for attendees to wear their finest satin/taffeta/velour/nylon dress up. (Or a dragon costume, or jeans and a tee, or whatever.) Matilda loves animals, so we decided to go big and hire the reptile folks we've seen at the library a few times. We'll fudge a bit and let the reptiles play the role of dragons, with proper dragons in cupcake form somehow. Matilda has been rotating through a zillion birthday ideas and we've just let her as we tried to decide what would be fun for her to celebrate this big milestone. Tonight over dinner, Tim explained to her our party idea Matilda's eyes got so big and she shouted, "I want to do THAT PARTY!" She followed with more exclamations and bouncing claps in her chair. It was awesome to see her response!


Uncle Brian said...

Should Gemma dress up as a baby princess or a baby dragon?

KK said...

Dragon baby!!!