Tuesday, March 15

School is So Sad

Porter's discontent with school drop off (i.e. that he can't stay) is reaching fever pitch these days. I think the fact that he & I have been there a bunch (my recent substitute day and some other volunteering to plant a garden with the kids) is only exacerbating the problem. The past two days as we have left Matilda he's been inconsolable. Thankfully tomorrow we can stay again as we will work with the kids to plant sunflowers, corn, tomatoes, peas, lettuce and cucumbers. Hopefully Bunny Rabbit is going to be pleased with the selection!

The bathroom at school just got remodeled this summer with a cute forest theme and looks really awesome. Porter loves the kid-size sink and wastes lots of precious So Cal water anytime he gets the chance.
In the backyard he particularly enjoys the big diggers in the sand box. He was also really happy when he finally got his turn in the riding car. So happy, that he didn't mind when another boy was pouring pitchers of sandy water into his lap.
He looks so big to me here with his little shorts and haircut, it will be no time before his first day at preschool. Boo hoo.

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