Friday, March 18

Belated St. Patty's Day Wishes

We had our corned beef and Guinness today, because yesterday I was occupied with volunteer-duties setting up for the big school fundraiser this weekend. Yesterday morning Matilda came busting out of her bedroom when she woke up and started wandering around the living room, as if she were looking for something. I was perplexed for a moment but then it all made sense to me when instead of a proper greeting she said to me, "But I thought you got treats for St. Patrick's Day?" I am not sure what she envisioned, but she seems to have learned that holidays usually are accompanied with some sort of treat. To keep that tradition alive, I took her to a neighborhood bakery to choose something; she picked this awesome pot of gold cookie, complete with edible gold glitter.
I had expected Porter to fall asleep on the walk there, but since he is on a sleep strike these days I got a chocolate chip cookie for us to share. He was yelling over and over "piece that, piece that, piece that" until I managed to pass him a chunk. (He was so relaxed and contented with his cookie that he then proceeded to fall quickly asleep with most of the un-eaten bit melting in his little fist.) Matilda looking a bit melancholy with her cookie. I think she knows mine was yummier.
It was actually the best chocolate chip cookie I have eaten in a long time. Since I knew she would enjoy it so much, I eventually I traded her my last half for her last half of cookie. She then declared, "This is the BEST St Patrick's Day EVER!" I asked her what made it so good and she said her(my) cookie.

She was also quite pleased to find the holiday-themed treats she expected in her cubby at school today, a chocolate gold coin that a buddy had left her yesterday afternoon!

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