Saturday, March 26

Dragon Princess Party

We took so many pictures today that I want to share, but here are a few highlights from the big birthday party:

Matilda climbing and having a blast with school friends. Matt with The Reptile Family brought out an enormous assortment of snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs, and insects. He did an amazing job wrangling all animals and kids to provide everyone a good time. Matilda had already been told that as the birthday girl she would get to be his assistant up front and hold each animal first. Here she looks quite concerned about that job as she realizes the first featured guest is a handful of scorpions.
Of course only Matt got to hold the scorpions and Matilda warmed right up to the Madagascar hissing cockroaches next, giggling as they tickled her hands. Next, our fire princess gets turned into a frog princess. I love that you can see one of the three making his escape. She didn't even mind when Matt had to untangle the frog out of her hair.
Matilda took her role as an assistant very seriously and was so gentle and careful with the animals. Here she mimics Matt, bringing the leopard gecko around for the audience to pet.
Matilda instructs Porter how to get a lizard kiss.
This kind of sums up the total madness of a huge birthday party combining 5 year olds and reptiles; some kid gave their superhero cape to this huge tortoise to wear. It was quite a sight as the critter just kept right on marching!
To give you some sense of scale, here are Porter and Adlai with the tortoise.
Matilda in her element with a Medusa-like snake necklace. Tonight she said, "When I grow up, I want to be a reptile trainer like Matt."
M with her gang. I like how you can see them all enjoying it, differently.
I cannot stop laughing about this photo. We got so many great shots today, but this is likely my favorite. Matilda's in bliss, while Porter's questioning the whole affair. (Generally he really loved it, but I think at this moment the snake seemed surprisingly heavy.)
Turns out it is not such an easy thing to take a family portrait with a couple of snakes. Who knew?
OK, so the wings were not quite structurally sound, but they lasted long enough for show and overall I would call the cake a success - such a fun challenge for me to make. I do think we let the kids "circle the cake" too long. It took quite a while to drag Matilda away from the snakes and her peers were long ready then. By the time she blew out the candles I could barely handle the cacophony of : "I want a wing! I want a head piece! I want some scales! I want a gold coin!" It was a bit daunting but I think the dragon's chocolate coin treasure staved them off a bit and bought me some time to dole out the actual slices.

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