Wednesday, March 9

2nd Annual Fire Station Field Trip

The school field trip this year was as awesome as we remembered from last time. As the firefighter was explaining about this oxygen tank, one of the kids interrupted him to ask, "But where are the jet packs?" I love his cut-to-the-chase attitude. We never did get an answer about the top-secret LAFD jet packs; I bet they're so awesome.
Porter was really engaged and attentive watching the fire fighters.
Sweet, sweet fire truck.
Matilda was so excited and happy to get her turn spraying the big fire hose. Even Porter got a turn! You can kind of see Matilda rushing in to hug Porter here. She was so sweet running up to tell him what a good job he did and how proud she was when he finished up, complete with a kiss on the head.

This is another unexplained oddity at the fire house:

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