Sunday, March 6

Palm Spring Aerial Tram: Snow Edition

The first time we rode up the tram in Palm Springs was almost three years ago now, and there was just a bit of snow left up at 8000+ ft in mid-May. This time we were quite pleased to find 3 feet of snow, perfect for packing into snowballs or sliding down.
We joined Aunt Lori with some of her extended family for their first trip up and I think everyone really enjoyed the adventure.
There was lots of snowball throwing and snow eating. Also Matilda found this little tiny snow man (and a lot of bigger versions) and it took all her willpower to not eat his black olive eyes.
As soon as we got off the little trail and found people sledding, Porter started yelling and freaking out to "ride boat, ride boat!" Sled, boat - it's all the same to him I guess. Luckily for us, there were a bunch of broken, discarded sleds up for grabs. We found half a sled big enough for the two kids to fit on.
After one big, fast run down Porter was done with sledding but Matilda found a nice small hill that was just her speed for many more runs. For most of the actual snow-play time Porter was a little miserable, actually.
He may have been a bit cold, or maybe he just wanted to get back inside and ride that awesome tram more.
We spent a lot of time watching the tram come and go and Porter could not get enough. Here's a shot of the tram headed down the cables toward the valley floor.
The crazy part is that this was only the second half of our super fun day. The morning involved a trip to the Living Desert zoo out there with awesome road runner encounters and an enormous model train. Almost too much fun for one day, as we were all totally pooped today!

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