Wednesday, March 23

Brainstorming Names

G-pop and Grandma Kathy are getting their new labradoodle puppy on Saturday and asked for Matilda's input for names. Here's her extensive list, generated during dinner tonight:

1. Moolini - her top suggestion and only original name. She specified that you spell it with two o's for the oo sound. Genius.
2. Wendy - as in Neverland
3. Gwen, Fifi, Lily, and Gigi - all school friends
4. Olivia and Francine - characters from the Olivia series
5. Eloise - character from our current chapter book
6. Billina - the chicken from the Ozma of Oz story
7. Olive - this is mostly my suggestion!
8. Foofa, Tootie - Yo Yo Gabba gals
9. Daisy - our sweet doggie pal
10. Tina - a new elephant at our zoo
11. Dandylion
12. Wormie
13. Rosemary
14. Thyme


Uncle Brian said...

What about Notyetwithus until Saturday and then rename it Withusnow

Anonymous said...

Ragusa? :-)