Tuesday, March 1

Dinosaurs! (and lots of other stuff)

Free day the the Natural History Museum today was a big hit. Porter claims to have really liked the dinosaurs, but I think he just liked the thrill of trying to elude me and duck under the velvet ropes. He also claimed all morning that he wanted to see dinosaurs peeing, which clearly didn't not happen. He was not too disappointed though because they had diggers outside to compensate. We spent a lot of time in the Kids Discovery Center.The kids room moved since our last visit and the new, big space is beautiful and full of taxidermy animals that Matilda was thrilled with. (Except for one particularly scary looking mounted monkey head.)I am not sure what exactly they are doing to the poor polar bear here.Post-museum Matilda takes a ferocious chomp out of her dino-sandwich. Tim recently got these awesome sandwich molds on clearance and they were quite perfect for today.Porter keeps a suspicious eye/sleepy eye on the kids playing ball in the front lawn before we climb in the car to head for school/nap-land.

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