Tuesday, November 16

Slime Scientist

Matilda's school had a field trip to the science center today for a special class. It was worth the price of admission just to see them all sitting attentively in their lab coats.
They learned to waft! It was so awesome to see Porter also trying to waft, waiving his hand franticly over the little samples.
Matilda was very serious and quiet during the class without any of her usual energy and enthusiasm. Perhaps she was just being a true scientific observer. They made glow-in-the-dark slime by mixing polyvinyl alcohol and sodium benzate. (I think.)After they all trooped down to a storage room to see their glowing product in action, they came back to all sit down together. The teacher told them all to raise their hands to tkae the scientists oath. It goes like this: "I will not eat my slime. I will not feed my slime. I will not feed my slime to my baby brother. I will not feed my slime to my baby sister. I will not feed my slime to my cat." It was awesome to see Matilda's surprised reaction as the teacher mentioned not feeding slime "to my baby brother."At the end of the day Matilda declaired to me that she wants to be a scientist when she grows up but then corrected herself saying, "Wait, I was already a scientist today!"

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