Friday, November 5

Nice Grammy Visit

We sent Grammy home on the plane tonight after a really nice, low-key visit. For our last hurrah today we did some errands to Target and the kids each got to pick out on item. Matilda got this big, fancy holiday dress that she's in love with. It spins particularly nicely. Tim thinks it looks like a night gown from Mad Men. Porter chose a garbage truck that does crazy stunts. For further Grammy entertainment, I trimmed the kids hair. Porter's is looking a bit bowlish to me in the front and mulletish in the back. The best of both worlds! We really need to figure out this whole boy-hair thing.
I tried a few times to get a nice picture of Cathy with the kids with very poor results. I especially like this one since Matilda looks like she's about to kick someone's ass.
Posing crazy on the way back from school.
M told me this outfit she choose for school today was her uniform. Must be some kind of fancy preschool that requires wife beater tank tops.

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